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Hi, my name is Aaron Bullen. My family and I moved to Lehi nearly 10 years ago on the same day my first child was born.

We came here for a lot of the same reasons anyone moves to Lehi - great location, great place to raise a family, and great people. 


In order to preserve the things that make Lehi an enjoyable place to live we must make smart, deliberate, and often difficult decisions that move us in a direction we can all be proud of.

​I am running for Lehi City Council to offer fresh ideas and innovative solutions to our issues. I work as a Process Engineer at a local tech company. I am skilled at driving to the root cause of problems. 


I know how to ask insightful questions and collect the evidence required to resolve issues without imposing more of a burden on you.  Whether you care about development, elections or public safety, I think we can work together to build a stronger Lehi.



  • Restore the municipal primary election

  • Improve voter participation in municipal elections (Currently ~30%)


  • Start a 501c3 to streamline private donations from individuals/businesses to park building efforts

  • Concentrate any budget surplus on funding Peck Park/Family Park, Dry Creek, and Rhodes-Mellor. We had a 9 million dollar surplus last year that has helped us to speed park funding

  • Develop long term plan for Willow Park with public input


  • Prevent overloading of our infrastructure

  • Minimize any negative impacts to surrounding residents by making deliberate and citizen informed decisions

  • Leave lower density zoning in general plan to give the city leverage when variances are requested

​PARC Tax​

  • If the tax passes I will insist that the money is spent on parks and not other projects outside the proper role of municipal government

  • If the tax does not pass, I will respect the will of the people by voting not to place the tax on the ballot again

Maintain Heritage

  • Preserve look and feel of historic downtown

  • Reconsider current plan to allow 550 additional residential units in downtown area

  • Support most important historical locations in restoration/maintenance efforts by directing them to state/federal resources

  • Plan Events/Rodeo future needs for projected growth


  • Create better rules for Transit Oriented Developments to give city leverage in negotiations

  • Ensure adequate parking in Transit Oriented Developments (TOD) and High/Medium Density. TODs allow for a reduction in parking requirements and this should be revised. We should always expect family units to have at least two cars.

  • Do not approve projects dependent on transit that will not exist for 6+ more years


  • Promote currently existing affordable solutions instead of prohibiting them

  • Reduce $4,253 fee for mother-in-law/basement apartments (Accessory Dwelling Units)

  • Designate and allow a certain percentage of new residential units to be rented and plan for parking impact


  • Our water table is 20ft+ below historical levels (-40ft below surface)
    We do not currently define what is considered an "acceptable water level" for our cities shared water resource. I would like to see this metric created and used to help make better decisions that impact water use.

  • Irrigation water metering and pay-per-use may help to change behavior and conserve water. But the cost of installing a meter on older Lehi homes would be ~$10 million. 
    I would run this proposal through a full cost-benefit analysis and determine what the return on investment would be (if there is one) compared to other water conservation initiatives such as localscaping rebates, aquifer recharging, or water importing.

Roundtable Highlights 9/15/21

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